Shelf Stable Italian Style Sandwich


Shelf Stable Italian Style Beef Sandwich

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The Italian Style Sandwich has a marinated cooked pork & pepperoni meat filling immersed in a marinara sauce.

The product is highly shelf stable and comes in a high-barrier sealed foiled pouch. The pouch dimensions are 140 mm x 216 mm. The shelf life is three years at room temperature.

These products are ideal for for lunches when tramping or in the outdoors. The Italian Style Sandwich is ready to eat straight out of the packet (no preparation required!).

The Italian Style sandwich has a slightly spicy sausage, tomato sauce with herb like aroma and flavor in the filling with a slight fermented and smoked aroma and flavor to the bread. The crust of the bread is a golden-brown color with an off-white crumb.  The bread has a slightly dense structure.

The net weight of the sandwich is 100g