Shelf Stable Cherry Turnover


Shelf Stable Cherry Turnover

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The Cherry Turnover is a thick red, cherry flavored filling with dried cherries and cranberries. The filling is placed within a bun containing strawberry flakes.

The highly shelf stable product is supplied within a high-barrier sealed foiled pouch with outside dimensions of of 140 mm x 216 mm. The product has a shelf life of three years when stored at room temperature.

These products are ideal for for lunches when tramping or in the outdoors. The product is ready to eat straight out of the packet. There is no preparation required.

The Turnover has a sweet tangy cherry sauce type filling with cherry and cranberries pieces. The filling is predominately sweet and slightly thick and gummy with a fermented tang. The crust of the bun around the filling is a pale golden tan color with an off-white crumb containing red strawberry flavored chips. The bun has a slightly dense texture.

The net weight of the turnover is 100g,